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Ask the Characters

IMPORTANT: There will be NO more ASC questions. Why? I hear you ask well theres just some complete idiots that want to ruin it. It will be closed temporarily.

The characters are having a break. In the mean time go on my forum.

Name: Libby
Character: Kikyo
Question: Do you hate kagome?
Answer: How would you like it if you died, and someone else came back as a reincarnation as you and stealed your only love?...I think you get the picture....grrr..

Question: Who do you like more kikyo or kagome?
Answer: Well why does everyone ask this question? Goods and bads on each side, Kikyo is more couragous and would do more for me..except the time she pinned...Kagome isss okaaayy in a very weird way but she squeals alot. So my answer is Kikyo...shes better in bed if you know what I mean **eyebrows up and down**.

Question:Do you hate Kagome?
Answer:**Snarl**...I think we all know I hate her guts and her high skirt and I hate the way she tries to shoot arrows like mwa the best of them all **holds up trophy**..she'll get whats coming to her right whens she's.....Anyway I think she should shove her bicycle up her *** and **** her cat..... **ring ring** "hello hitman".....

Name: Bethany
Character: Inuyasha
Question: why do u like Kagome *ew* better than Kikyo! u loved her and now that shes back dont u still love her?
Answer: Grr...I like kagome but in a strange way as a friend and everyone takes it the wrong way and when SHE tried to kiss me, you know how we men are I played along with it, but then I realised how much of a *beep* I was too kikyo so in my head I wish we could be together again....**tear drop**..

Name: Lily
Character: Kikyo
Question: Who looks like you? Sango or Kagome?
Answer: What? I think you can tell that they both copied off my beautiful style! I was the one to start the fringe you know..

Name:: archie
                           What_character_do_you_want_to_ask?: inuyasha
in your 4 th movie does your father show up & do you and seshomaru
                           become friends is kikyo dead yet for good nobody heals her. if kikyo died for good and no one could bring her
                           back would you start crushing on kagome . sigh that proboly wont happen
                           you cant win kagomes heart even if you tried and if you think you can prove it
                           or be a big fat chicken bak bak chicen bac you are not my favorite cartoon
                           anymore gundam seed is kira is better and not that im saying you could or cant
                           try to make me like you better the only way is to kill kira on gundam seed ps.
                           im your ultimate fan i passed a test that not even your creator could pass i
                           swear on kikyos life.
Answer: What the..well FINE..go and like **gundam

 Name:: archie
                            What_character_do_you_want_to_ask?: inuyasha
                            Question:why do you hate sesshomaru is his real name fluffy is he a ...
 Answer: Err.. excuse
                           me he tricked me into believing my mother was alive..
 ...and lots lots of awful things..and
                           everyone calls him fluffy cause he wears
a dead thing on his right shoulder **thinks**

Name:: archie
                           What_character_do_you_want_to_ask?: inuyasha
                           Question: why do you like kikyo? I looked up to you you were my hero and tought
                           me to belive in myself i have even been acting like you i even play inuyasha iam
                           you my girl friend demi is kagome and kikyo iam also naraku sesshomaru shippou
                           and inu8taisho (your father if you did not find out his name) you even tought me
                           to look in my heart you know were exactly alike im turn beetween two women and
                           demi has a crush on you and me which is demi the other is entirly like kikyo
                           sometimes cold hearted but guess what i still love her. i also act like a tough
                           guy but inside im a softy just like you. i have friends and i dont show any
                           afection for them like like you do but deep down i respect them as alies and
                           friends even my girlfriends. and like you said to kikyo demi and kiaras life is
                           mine and...... mine is theres i would do anything for demi and kiara but iam
                           still chosing and like you and kagome demi and i are growing closer and closer.
                           we even argue alot like you and kagome i e!
                           ven cried for her once like you did in the episode the first time we saw
                           inuyashas tears. oh and you inspired me in a way nowone else can you are the
                           only guy i look up to . oh in one episode (im not making this up i swear to you
                           in this episode kikyo meets a man and has a sacred jewl in his neck but didnt
                           take it out. the man was a dr. and she helped  him with his patients. and he had
                           a good and bad side his bad side came out and wanted to die so he asked kikyo to
                           pull it out but she didnt because dimwit she felt a bond between the 2 and
                           refused)so please for the greatest/ultimate inu fan (i passed two of the hardest
                           quizes in inuyasha) ask you to look deep deeep deeep deep deep deep deep deep
                           times 10000000000000000000000000000000 down iy and tell me who you realy love im
                           not kidding kagome ows me i will tell her to say sit 100,0000 times so look deep
                           down and tell me who you love master
Inuyasha: Umm... thanks for looking up to me and all, and putting all that effort
to confirm that you and I are very much alike. So if I'm right in thinking you
have a girlfriend, pretend she's kikyo cause kagome's so so whimpish

Name: Archie..again
Question: do you like surprises well if you do i want to let you realize im your
#1 fan i haved passed evry single test about you evry single one oh tell kagome
date me and she is the most beautiful girl in anime existance ps. tell her if
your not jealous if you dont love her inuyasha
Answer: Congrats for being one of my million #1 fans. You can date Kagome as many times as you want, given that you don't tell her that I told you so, cos there'd be a 50 feet deep where I'm standing. Kikyo's way prettier than that old hag, and no, I'm not talking about Kaede.I don't like suprises though. I'm afraid I'll have a heart attack the next time I see another demon holding Kagome hostage. See, I hold such a heavy burden. I only keep her around to get me more ramen.

Name: Megan
Character: Kikyo
Question: Can you be my freind???? PPPPPLLLEEAAASSEEE!!!!!  I feel so bad that you died! And I hate Kagome. I practice shooting arrows every morning at a tree with kagomes head on it.  Oh yeah...I was wondering if you would let me help you get back to life! P.S I wanna be at your wedding=)
Answer: Err.. Ok, dont feel bad I died its that narakus fault grr.. I'm glad to see you hate kagome, I dont hate her I just dislike her a bit. Sure I could use some help.

Name: Chantelle
Character: Kikyo
Question: Who do you love inuyasha or naraku?
Answer:...wait and see..

Name:: Catherine
                           What_character_do_you_want_to_ask?: Inuyasha
                           Question: Who do you love Kikyo or Kagome?
Answer: I only keep kagome around for my ramen needs
so, I really miss kikyo **tears**.

Name:: Erise
                           What_character_do_you_want_to_ask?: Inuyasha
                           Question: Why   do you like Kagome shes so ugly she isnt like Kikyo in any
                           aspect shes so gitty and preppy  shes stupid and asks stupider  questions I hate
                           her she sucks she should go  find a boy thats ya know her race from her time and
                           not twice as old as her!ok lol so why?
                           Again I only keep her around for the ramen and she can see the jewel
that SHE shattered!

Name:: Photography Girl
                           What_character_do_you_want_to_ask?: Sesshy
                           Question: Rumor has it that, your NOT a virgin. Who did you do it with, Kagura?
                           Don't say the webmistress of this site, either!!
Answer: WTF!!! I'm afraid to answer this question

No characters were harmed during the questions asked.....mwahaha...

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